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Color your own hair at home in 4 easy and simple steps. 

Requirements: henna shampoo, henna brownie, wide paintbrush, headband / cotton pads, heatproof dish, heat cap or aluminum foil, cling film or a shower cap and a tealight. (Use 100% pure argan oil if your hair is porous or has been chemically dyed or when you have a dry scalp)

Step 1)

Wash your hair with a neutral henna shampoo which cleans the hair thoroughly. The hair cuticles must be open ( hair feels rigid and it make’s a peeping noise )  so that the henna can fixate well.Dry your hair with a towel and mix the henna with hot water with a whisk and put it on the tea light and leave for3 minutes.

Grate the henna brownies and mix it with hot water, put it on the tea light and leave it  again for 3 minutes. The thickness of the henna mixture should be such as yogurt. Mix it with a dash of argan oil for a nurturing/ recovering result.

Step 2)

Use the back of the wide brush, the pointy bit,  and make separations in the hair.  With the wide brush itself you press and rub the henna mixture well in the hair and scalp.

Use enough henna and rub with the broad brush the hair from top to bottom repeatedly

Step 3)

Wrap the cling film around your head and grab the head band and place it around your head. This is to stop the henna from leaking.

Then you put on the heat cap or wrap aluminum foil over the cling film so that it can start to brew.

Step 4)

After the application time rinse your hair thoroughly and wash it lightly with henna shampoo. The hair cuticles now have to close and now you use a henna cream.

Don’t wash your hair for two days.  The color gradually becomes more intense cause of oxidation and after one week you can see the end result .


* You still have some henna mixture left in the dish? Wrap it in plastic foil over the dish and write HENNA on it (otherwise they think it is satesaus ;-)) and put in the freezer. Ready for the next henna hair dye session! How very sustainable!!

You like your henna mix? Take a picture of the colors that are written on the henna pouch so you can easily tell which color you want in your next order.

Have hair dye fun!

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Henna Brownies

Benefits of using Henna Brownies:

* Optimal shine, brightness, gloss and volume

* Good for color correction

* After a traditional dye

* Easy to use

* Nurtures the hair

By grating Henna Brownies or melting them au bain-marie, they are ready to use.

In the following colors in 30 or 90 gram:

Dark brown
Light brown

Medium Blonde

Dark Blonde
Gold Blonde


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